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Tech Entrepreneur How to Start a Modern SEO Business

SEO Perfect Company
SEO Perfect Company

 Entering the world of SEO can be tricky, especially as Google are constantly moving the goal posts with new updates. In this article we’ll take a look at what is involved in starting up your own Internet marketing business. It is extremely important to evaluate the risks involved to avoid failure.

Your Own Presence 

Get a Great Web Site Sorted First
Get a Great Web Site Sorted First

Getting some professional advise from a well established company, Chan Dhillon from Kalexiko points out that at the outset its vital to get yourself noticed. Your website says a lot about you, so make sure it looks clean and high quality, especially as you’re selling internet based products. Another great way to show off your skills is to enter SEO contests. The SEO Championship offers fierce competition amongst contenders, offering great prizes along the way. The contest will increase your publicity and improve your reputation amongst other link builders. There are always plenty of contests happening, a good way to find them is to search forums. The contest will also give you the opportunity to study your opponent’s techniques and learn new skills.

Get Scribing

Writing Articles is a great way to get your brand known in the SEO industry. Once your content is live, it shows potential clients what you’re about, it is vital to make a first good impression.  It can be challenging writing for new clients as usually they expect grade A content, something similar to a newspaper feature. Make sure you have a portfolio of your best work to showcase to new clients, this way they will see top quality work. If you’re on a tight deadline it is good to use a copywriter to supply some content. A third party writer can really help with top quality content and can usually turn around four or five articles in a day.



In recent years there has been a big increase in SEO conferences. Visiting conferences can help with your company’s profile, meeting like-minded people and creating new contacts. Usually these conferences consist of various professional speakers throughout the day, each specializing on hot topics within the scene. There will also be various stalls representing different companies, this is a great way to network and find new copywriters.

No Substitute for Hard Work

If you’re looking to start your own SEO business is going to take a lot of hard work and patience. Once you have gained good recognition in the scene and created some top links, you will start to see the benefits. Before creating a company you need to consider all aspects including laws, your skillset, cash flow and copywriters. You need to concentrate on your your initial start up and skills before contacting any new clients.


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