Technology in the Courtroom During a Bankruptcy Proceeding

Courtroom technology has changed the way people can file for bankruptcy. Normally, bankruptcy filers are so worried about filing the right claim, submitting the paperwork, and making sure they fit the bankruptcy qualifications that they don’t think about the advantages of technology in the courtroom. Courtroom technology can be very advantageous to the filer and can help individuals enhance their presentations, overcome language barriers and more. So, when you are preparing for your bankruptcy case, consider using the following to make a stronger presentation to guarantee the success of your case.

After researching Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and understanding the filing process, the next step is to work on your presentation for your bankruptcy case. Many bankruptcy courts around the nation offer different types of technologies, so be sure to ask your bankruptcy lawyer or the local bankruptcy court for specifics. There are a number of ways technology can help your case, including:

  • Evidence Presentation
  • Hearing and Translation Assistance
  • Telephone and Video Conferences
  • Use of Microphones

Evidence Presentation

If you are using physical evidence, including documents, slides or x-rays, they can be displayed through the court’s document camera. Documents can prove your payment records, income and other assets. Electronic evidence can be shown with your laptop, which can be broadcasted through the court’s video display system. However, you need to make sure your laptop has a VGA output and all required software.

Hearing and Translation Assistance

For those who are hearing impaired or need an interpreter, courtrooms often offer headsets with those services. In addition, translator microphones are also offered, allowing the defendant to speak in his or her native tongue with a translator. These technologies are extremely important, because it allows the hearing impaired and non-English native speakers the chance to file for bankruptcy.

Telephone and Videoconferences

Some courts offer telephone and videoconference streaming, but check with local courts before using this technology. In addition, some courts offer digital audio copies of the court process so you can re-listen to your case. Videoconferencing can help your case if you need to reach a former supervisor or someone who is out of state, but can help your case.

Microphone Use

Microphones are important for projection for both the judge and the filer. In addition, translator microphones are available for non-English speakers.

If you find that using courtroom technology will strengthen your case, make sure to let the courtroom authorities know that you need to use this equipment. It is important to understand what is available to you so that you can use it to your advantage. Technology can be incredibly helpful in your case, so make sure to create a presentation that can help you achieve your financial goals.

This is a guest post from Brandon Reauish. Not sure if you’re ready to file for bankruptcy? Visit http://www.totalbankruptcy.com for more information on the different types of filings and the qualifications.

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