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Technology That We Take for Granted

Much of the technology we use every day is simply overlooked by our eyes as we have become so used to it. The technology we have today is more advanced than that which our parents used, and many of its uses and applications make our lives not just easier, but safer too!

Here are the top 5 pieces of technology you probably taking for granted.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are basically ubiquitous, with everyone from nine to ninety year olds carrying them everywhere. While they are mostly used to call friends and family, the ability to dial 911 no matter where you are has saved countless lives. Cell phones can even be tracked by law enforcement if you are missing! Your cell phone is more than just a social tool or a fun toy – it’s your safety net.

A GPS System

I’m sure you know that a GPS system can make driving more convenient and easier, but have you ever thought how it makes you safer as well? With GPS, you can plan your journey so that you never run out of fuel far from the nearest service station. You can vastly decrease your chances of getting lost and so avoid being stranded overnight far from civilization with all the risks that this entails.

Chip & Pin Debit and Credit Cards

It sure is convenient being able to pay for things without needing to fumble through your wallet for cash or remember to stock up at the ATM. The use of these cards also makes your day-to-day life far safer. If you are so unlucky as to be mugged, pick-pocketed or have your handbag stolen, a few quick phone calls to cancel your cards and you are not out of pocket.


You can see CCTV in shops all over the country, but how often do you notice it? Sure there are worries about Big-Brotheresque monitoring of society, but CCTV is invaluable in keeping businesses safe from crime and helping police to catch the perpetrators in the cases where it does occur. It also allows us to follow the footsteps of missing children, and hopefully reunite them with their families.

Pool Alarms

Every parent’s nightmare is for a preventable accident to occur to a child. With swimming-pools ever more popular there are more dangers for children, who can drown in just minutes. Pool alarms range from simple door and window alarms on outdoor pool enclosures to high-tech perimeter alarms that use laser beams to detect when someone crosses into the pool.

Why don’t you try to spend a day noticing just how often the technology of today protects you from harm. You might be surprised by how many different ways everyday technology keeps you safe!


This post made possible by guest blogger James, a writer with varied interests, including technology and outdoor pool enclosures. 


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