How Texas Cyclists Solve Hit and Run Accidents With Technology

Bournville Station and the Worcester and Birmingham Canal - ramp for the canal - cyclistsWith over a thousand hit-and-run bicycle accidents in Corpus Christi in 2013, police have a recommendation for the city’s cyclists: attach video cameras to the backs of their bikes so they might catch these errant drivers. Cyclists in the area are upset and concerned for their safety when riding alongside four-wheeled vehicles. The mayor of Corpus Christi is concerned for the bikers’ safety as well, and said she is willing to explore any safety measure that could help protect riders.

Some people in the city do not feel that Corpus Christi, Texas is a bicycle-friendly city. Law enforcement officers suggest that runners and bikers alike need to take responsibility for their safety by using their best judgment, along with the possibility of bike-mounted video cameras.

Although this seems to be a creative solution to catching hit-and-run drivers, it makes you wonder how practical and cost-effective it would be for cyclists to actually mount cameras to their bikes. Hopefully everyone will share the road and promote more safety all around.

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