The FULL Story on WSHH / @50Cent Feud: Full Technical Details Here

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1st Report

Honestly I’m not surprised that World Star Hip-Hop is down. I’ve put in my bid to help them fix their site before and everyone told me that their site was “Great” and “Perfect”. How great is it to be losing tens of thousands of dollars everyday. And that is a conservative number when you account for the fact the four major labels; EMI , Warner, Universal and Sony make hundreds of thousands a week off of Youtube advertisements. So for all you die hard hip-hop fans out there, this is why you invest into yourselfs, and don’t trust in these ignorant websites that don’t want to listen to anything but themselves. I’m congratulating WSHH on their consistent ability to have broken links, banners spanning outside of the parameters, etc. As i was writing this article @50cent was talking about how he shut it down. If that is true, 50 cent is truley one of the most ingenious business men of our time.

2nd Report (The details of the “Technical Difficulties” and that World Star Hip Hop’s provider had been having issues for a while)

This is just the end result of not reinvesting your advertisement money .


This is the TRUTH about WorldStarHipHop.com being down:
If you’re not tech savy the simple reason for why they are down, is because their service provider overextended their bandwidth and now the customers are having to find other solutions until they can restore thousands upon thousands of terabytes of data.  AKA WSHH had a cheap provider for its CDN or Content Delivery Network:
See The website Here – http://bit.ly/fcx6jo

Note: See the bottom of the page for a timeline regarding the events. It will be updated with more information in the next few days. Facts 12:40 PM Dec 12 2010 GMT – We apprecaite all of the support from our customers, but those holding out hope that our services will return should really contact our support team asap, and let them help you get up and running with an alternative provider. We’re responding to requests as fast as possible. ** Help for Existing Customers to get Running Right Away ** 6:47 PM Dec 11 2010 GMT – Easy link to follow for MaxCDN Specials for SimpleCDN Customers: http://blog.maxcdn.com/ 6:28 AM Dec 11 2010 GMT – Follow SimpleCDN Twitter feed for more updates (http://twitter.com/simplecdn). MaxCDN is offering discounts to SimpleCDN customers; use “simplecdn” as a coupon code https://secure.maxcdn.com/ They can get you going now… Coupon code “simplecdn” also works on HDDN.com for on-demand streaming discounts – http://www.hddn.com/pricing 5:19 AM Dec 11 2010 GMT – Engineering is restoring backups for all origin files, over 1,000+ TBs currently. For those without access to the FTP server to retrieve video files, we’ll have a solution as soon as possible for you. 5:00 AM Dec 11 2010 GMT – Our entire support staff will be available all weekend long, and will help with transitions, moving to alternative providers – we’ll do anything and everything that we can.

3rd Report

from Angie Martinez on Hot 97 Angie Martinez on Hot 97 delivers an exclusive interview with 50 Cent and Q from World Star Hip Hop. World Star Hip Hop has not been shut down by 50 Cent.Angie Martinez of Hot 97 just had both 50 and Q from WSHH on air. In the 50 portion of the radio interview, he does not say that he in fact shut down the website. He does mention that there have been ongoing legal battles which stem from worldstarhiphop using his image to promote. Q, who represents WSHH came on the air shortly after 50, to clear things up. Q claims that 50 Cent did not shut down World Star Hip Hop. He says that Homeland Security didn’t either… they are just experiencing technical difficulties with their hosting. I don’t know what to believe at this point as 50 claims he “might” be the reason for the shut down. Q says that WorldStarHipHop will be back online probably within 24 hours. Listen to both interviews in which Angie Martinez from Hot 97 talks to 50 Cent and Q (World Star Hip Hop) here.

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