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The Impact of Social Media Signals on Search

Can your social media presence and activity help your ranking on major search engines like Google? An interesting infographic produced by SEO and digital design company TastyPlacement, Inc. suggests social media does help with organic search position.

The infographic breaks down a study conducted by TastyPlacement over eight months involving six websites located in six US cities of similar size. The study tested five measurements of social media activity: Twitter followers, tweets and retweets, Facebook shares and likes, Google page followers, and Google 1 votes for the site homepage. The idea was to see whether increased activity would boost rankings specifically on Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

A list of the results on the infographic sits across a sliding scale type graphic clearly showing that social networking activity resulted in improved Google search position. In particular, activity involving Google’s social offerings, Google and the Google 1 votes, performed well above Facebook and Twitter in boosting results. The test showed that 100 Google followers led to a 14.63 percent increase in search position. The site that accumulated 300 Google 1 votes enjoyed a 9.44 percent rise in ranking. One of the websites served as a control test with no social media activity. The control experienced a -0.11 percent drop in Google rank suggesting that social networking does indeed help with website search placement.

The original study underlying this social medial Infographic was done by digital design and Austin SEO company TastyPlacement.

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