The Latest Sticker Technology for Promotional Marketing

Tech-Cocktail-sticker-die-cutIn the past, businesses used paper stickers to help them advertise their products and services; however, these promotional items were prone to ripping and fading, which greatly decreased their overall value. Fortunately, the die cutting process has now made it easy to create custom-made stickers that are durable and attractive. In fact, these products can provide your company with a new level of in-your-face marketing tools which are certain to capture the attention of your most important clients and potential customers.

How do These Stickers Stand Out?

The die cut process enhances your ability to showcase any type of artwork, such as your corporate logo. You will be able to select virtually any mixture of colors, and you will also have the choice of styles and sizes. Unlike other stickers, custom die cut stickers are created with longevity in mind, and this is why you will see them being utilized by companies and individuals around the world for a diverse list of purposes.

Will the Design Scratch Off?

Many stickers from the past would scratch, rip or fade very easily. Unfortunately, some companies still offer these options, so it is important to make sure that you select a custom-made product for your company that is listed as a die cut sticker or decal. During this customized process, an abrasion guard with UV protection will be placed on top of your design. In other words, each sticker will have an extra layer on top for the sole purpose of preventing it from easily fading, ripping or scratching.

Are they an Affordable Idea?

Many marketing departments are leery about trying the latest promotional innovations because they are worried about their budget. Fortunately, custom die cut stickers are innovative and affordable, making it easy for companies worldwide to take advantage of this great marketing opportunity.

Utilizing the Latest Sticker Technology

Podcamp Toronto Feb. 21-22 20101. Trade Show Swag – If you are planning to attend an upcoming industry convention, you should strongly consider using die cut stickers as your swag. After all, you can ensure that they are colorful enough to stand out, and you can also encourage people to keep them around by placing an exclusive discount code somewhere on the sticker.

2. Promotional Mailer – Customers are used to receiving post cards and other mailers from the majority of the companies with which they do business. Unfortunately, most of these items are destined to end up in the trash. However, you can take an alternate approach by sending die cut stickers in the mail. This will capture each recipient’s attention because they are going to stand out, tempting them to apply your company sticker to cabinets, cars, book covers, etc.—increasing your odds of receiving repeat business in the future.

Die cut stickers can also be used for several other company related functions. For example, if your parking space is limited, you can order custom-made parking passes for each employee’s vehicle. In other words, the latest promotional marketing technology can be utilized to assist your company with a diverse list of needs and functions.

Author Annette Madison is always inspired by visiting creative online printing companies, such as BlueBeePrinting(dot)com, to see all the latest types of print marketing products. The idea of affordable promotion, combined with easy shipping and customer service are always attractive to busy entrepreneurs.

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