Tech Museum Awards Gala event covered by Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks

If you are not familiar with the Tech Museum then you really should check it out. It has some really cool history on the background of computing and innovations made here in the bay area. They call it the Museum of Innovation and it very vividly showcases some of the world’s best technologies.

They are known for having many different attractions that are constantly changing to give the center a fun and fresh vibe. The Tech Awards is a Global Good firm too, they held the Tech Awards Gala the other year which was a great event that showcased some of the world’s best social entrepreneurs who are helping to change the world.

In fact, I covered the event with some photos and video several years back. Below is the press pass I used to help spread the Global Good of Global Good Group there. Tech Awards actually sponsored me to be there by letting me in as the press to cover the event despite the $500 per plate charge. There were major players in the house that night and I had a chance to exchange conversations and business cards with people such as the CTO of Nokia and social entrepreneurs affecting hundreds of thousands of people if not millions worldwide and within their local communities. We here at GGN want to thank the Tech Museum and hope that many people visit!

Here is some champagne for Global Good, my toast at the Tech Awards: