The Three Fastest Growing IT Careers in the UK This Year

Since the recession hit in 2008, the economy has slowly recovered. Certain industries are starting to have better employment prospects and more opportunities for advancement by current employees. One such growth and development industry is technology, which has come out the other end of the recession fighting fit and ready to take on top candidates in a number of areas. Green technology is taking off, as are social games and applications for iPhone and Android. There are a lot of openings in IT right now, and the Randstad Technologies IT job board is the place to find them. Here are a few of the mover and shaker sectors within the technology industry. If you are looking to hone your skills or are after a chance to change careers, check out these growth industries when looking for work.

Development Jobs

Developers are in hot demand – there are hundreds of job vacancies in the market at any time and the salary rewards are plentiful. This jump in interest is happening because of how quickly technological advances are happening across all industries. Businesses everywhere are relying on developers to keep their companies abreast of technology trends and to keep them building the technological side of their businesses as technology itself expands and grows.

Developers need to know how to present solutions for a business, how to design new solutions and implement them, how to create, modify, re-engineer and reuse what they have, and should also be able to demonstrate how much they know about the industry they are working for and the regulations surrounding that industry.
Randstad Technologies has the contacts to help you find the job you want in the UK. Whether it’s private or public work you’re looking for, Randstad is the company who will help you find your dream job. The job board is full of new vacancies that you likely won’t see elsewhere.

Network, Systems and Security Jobs

Network systems and data communications analyst job vacancies have increased by more than 50% over the past two years, and the salary expectations are reflecting the need for high quality employees. Companies are always upgrading their technology and networks, and a solid IT team will help them implement the company’s technology strategy while ensuring bugs are ironed out as soon as possible.

Getting a job in Network, Systems or Security is highly competitive, so as you start your job search, be prepared to see a lot of jobs and a lot of other people applying for them. If you have experience in IT service delivery, infrastructure and its management or app development, this kind of work is for you.

Analysis, Intelligence and Data Jobs

There are lots of jobs out there for all kinds of analysts. Are you interested in business or data analysis? Security or support analysis? What about data or change analysis? The job vacancies are plentiful, so keep an eye on the Randstad Technologies IT job board job board every day as new opportunities arise.

The burgeoning technology industry has remained unfazed by the recent economic downturn – it currently offers upward mobility for staff and a lot of job security. Look to Randstad to find your dream job in the IT sector.

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