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Three Apps For Editing Pictures

There are various pieces of software available for editing photos to eliminate common problems including unwanted shadowing and red eye effect. We’ve all been there: an otherwise nice picture is ruined by an unwanted and unsightly effect. Alternatively, with the popular fashion trend of contact lenses for aesthetic purposes, these apps allow a change of colour for the eyes without spending money on coloured contact lenses.

The iPhone also offers a great selection of apps aimed at enhancing photos taken with your phone’s camera, and here are some of the best.

Magic Eye Color Effect app from Chen Yanxiong

This app gives you the ability to either take a photo with your phone’s camera or use a stored photo and edit the eyes within it. Colour can be dramatically changed, the iris can be edited and symbols and shapes can be placed over the eye to give a dramatic effect. Problematic red eye can be combated with the app, and after a few quick and easy modifications your photos are ready to post online and share.

Eye Colorizer app from Audacity Software

 This app does exactly what it says on the tin. Once again, this app offers the user to chance to either take an image using the phone’s camera, or to use an already saved image. Once the image is in place, two large circles appear for the user to drag and drop appropriately over the existing eyes in the picture. There are options to use either pre-made coloured templates, choose a colour from the spectrum, to colour the entire circle, or choose a colour with an iris printed over the top. The app works well so long as you have high resolution images, and provides a colour change for dozens of photos.

CrazyEyeLite app from


This fun app asks the user to select a cartoon eye and hold the phone up to their left eye. The person on the other side of the phone is able to see a moving image of the cartoon eye up against the user’s face. The app is great for children and babies and is easy to use again and again.

All the apps featured are free and extended versions are available at a cost. Other apps on the market include eye tests, magic eye illusions and general eye health facts. Keeping our eyes healthy is incredibly important as they are a sensitive organ.

Amy writes for Direct Sight, a leading provider of glasses online

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