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Three Tips for Selling Your Home Via the Internet

Florida Real Estate LicensingThe Internet has made it easier for anyone to market and sell their home. Unfortunately, this has also caused an issue with over saturation that can make it difficult for each property to stand out. It is essential therefore, to look into all of the different options that the Internet offers to sellers, including reviews and social media blasts.

1. Home Reviews – You can increase the level of interest from serious buyers by getting a respected blogger to review the property. They have loyal followers that will help spread the word about each of their posts. To do this, browse search terms on the internet for the city where your house is located, for instance: blog real estate in Chicago.

Look for a blog or website with articles and reviews posted often within the last 3 months. Locate the contact information, then email or call them to find out how your home can be reviewed. If you snag someone to write a review about your home, make sure that you share the link via your social media, and in your other online advertisements. Let your realtor know about it so he or she can share it with prospective buyers.

2. Social Media Blasts – Capture the attention of a large group of people by using your social media accounts to share information about the sale property. Keep in mind that only 10 percent of your followers will see each post that you make, so it is critical to make multiple posts, varying the wording and the times of each post. To catch the broadest audience, you should make posts at various times throughout the week and month.

3) Ask Your Friends to Share the Listing – Everyone in your social media network has their own group of friends and followers; tap into this extended network to make it easier to sell your home. Ask your friends to share the link to your online listing to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

Social media and home reviews can help you get more eyes on your advertised listing and it has been proven to have an impact on home sales. It’s vital therefore to ensure that you provide a virtual tour, high quality photographs and an accurate, appealing description of the entire property. Monitor your emails closely so that you can immediately respond to any questions about the property.

To get fresh home decor ideas, Teresa Stewart enjoys browsing the internet for real estate pictures and virtual tours. During a search she found Movoto(dot)com, a site for buyers and sellers of real estate in Chicago IL and 29 other states. They aim to bring everything together in one site (such as contacts, interest rates, market values and more), that is needed to enable an easy and successful property transaction.

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