Today’s Hottest Online Businesses and their Marketing Trends

How to seo wordpressToday, if you have a business and you do not have an Internet presence, you will most likely see a decline in sales, or you will be completely missing out on potential new customers. Below are some of today’s hottest online businesses and ways they are successfully marketing their services to new and existing clients.

Tattoos are Big Sellers

In today’s world where you can order just about anything online, coupled with the popularity of tattoos, online businesses that sell tattoo fake skin and long lasting temporary tattoos are scoring big. What is “fake skin” you ask? It is essentially skin-like material on which tattoo artists can practice their craft before tattooing real people. Online ink businesses supply budding tattoo artists with the materials on which to perfect their technique.

Visiting these websites that sell such items as fake skin and temporary tattoos are fun to visit because they are so visual – just like the artists who frequent them. Lots of photos of tattoo designs, ink and supplies make shopping for these products an enjoyable experience, rather than a task. If you are considering starting your own online business, keep that in mind when creating your website. If it is done well, is easy to navigate, and has an element of fun, you will gain repeat visitors and therefore paying customers.

Website Design is a Great Online Business

Because everyone who has an online business needs a website, if that is your area of expertise, you can clean up by designing effective websites for other online entrepreneurs. Consider launching a website design service by building a portfolio of local businesses. You can then market your existing site designs to larger clients, or even target a specific market (like tattoo artists or cake bakers).

Open an Online Store

Selling items online is an increasingly popular way to make some extra cash. If you have a unique product, such as custom jewelry, or you have an inside track to lower prices on items that people frequently buy online, you can make money 24/7 with your own online store. Again, start with a great website, then send out e-newsletters to prospective clients. Offer free shipping or a free gift with each purchase as incentive for visiting your website.How to seo your website for free

Other popular online businesses include affiliate marketing; health/nutrition and life coaching; resume writing services, and even remote technical support. Depending on your area of expertise or product specialties, if you do it well and have a website people want to visit again and again, you can have a lucrative and rewarding business all at the same time.

Lisa Coleman shares some of today’s most popular online businesses and how they have impacted the market. She recently viewed online at how tattoo artists have come together with an online tattoo business where a person can purchase tattoo fake skin and long lasting temporary tattoos with an array of choices due to their many contributing artists.

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