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Top 10 Productivity Mobile Apps To Own

Top 10 Productivity Mobile Apps To Own

There’s an app for just about everything- making your life that little bit easier and making everyday tasks all the more manageable. Apps have revolutionised the way we work, eat, sleep and organise our lives – and productivity apps have introduced a faster and more efficient way to produce the level of work you want, at a quicker rate wherever you are. Here are 10 top productivity mobile apps that everyone should download;

Cortado Workplace

Cortado Workplace allows you to store up to 1MG of files using’s online storage, whilst enabling you to open, edit, copy and paste documents and exchange them to other devices! Perfect for when you’re in transit and out of reach of a laptop!

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GridMagic speeds up the process of formatting and editing spead sheets for RIM Blackberry handhelds! Compatible with Microsoft excel, Grid Magic is easy to use with a simple design. Users can synchronize their spread sheet data between their handheld and desktop!

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Blogger allows you to blog on the go, wherever you are, at whatever time. Ever had a great idea pop into your head for your blog when you’re without a laptop? With blogger you can blog as soon as you want, at your own command- accommodating those spontaneous ideas and thoughts! Post pictures, your location and posts with this easy to use app! What’s more it’s free- so it’s a no brainer.

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With SaveMeeting you can record meetings, ideas, prices and discussions! Particularly for long meetings, jotting down notes isn’t such a bulletproof method. SaveMeeting removes all that hassle, and is great way to document and store ideas and points mentioned in meetings.

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Whilst the majority of us would agree- having Internet at your disposal on your phone is somewhat of a godsend- it doesn’t come cheap. Data prices come back and sting us with our monthly phone bills, all caused by unnecessary data use wasted on content we don’t want or need. TextOnly is a browser that reduces your data usage by removing unnecessary content, such as pictures or images by 80-90 %. Which also means your web pages upload quicker and easier – saving you precious time and making you more efficient.

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Pocket informant Pro

Pocket informant Pro is one of those apps that will not just help you organise your day – but your entire life! Input all your meetings and you’ll be feeling more free of the mind in no time!

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Genius Scan

Genius Scan is both quick and easy to use when you’re on the go with little time to spare! This nifty little app turns your android into a pocket scanner, scanning documents and emailing scans as JPEG or PDF. With smart page detection, perspective correction and image post-processing the Genius Scan technology allows you to build up PDF documents with multiple scans.

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Team Viewer

Thanks to the smart technology behind Team Viewer you’re able to access remote computers from everywhere. Team Viewer is compatible with different operating systems too, so whether you’re a Mac or Pc- this app is for you!

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Award winning app Evernote, is an effective cloud app that has interface with both windows and iOS. Forgetting any important data is a thing of the past with this clever piece of technology. With Evernote you can record voice-reminders, make to-do lists, capture photos and save your ideas!

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Memeo Connect Reader

Memeo Connect Reader automatically syncs with Google docs! This clever app is compatible with PDF files, Apple iworks and MS Office, ensuring you keep your documents up to date on the go!

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Many thanks to the Staunch and Flow team, who are responsible for Boiler Repairs in London; the team have put together this list and have given you some room for thought on how to be more productive in life, now it may be time to get your home in shape!

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