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Top 3 Home Improvement Apps For iPhone


Apple Inc. changed the cell phone market when they released their iPhone a few years ago. The iPhone had all the features of a regular cellular device, but without the buttons and in a sexier package. With the release of the app store in 2009, Apple allowed developers to create all kinds of cool applications that users can download straight to their phones. Nowadays it seems like there’s an app for almost anything, including useful home improvement apps. The days of using clunky tools to measure or trying to match colors by guessing have become a thing of the past. But with such a large app store, it’s hard to determine which application is worth the download and which ones are a complete waste of time. Here’s a few of the better home improvement apps available for the iPhone.

1. Gardening Toolkit

Having a garden is a great way to bring some color to a bland yard, with hundreds of different plants and vegetables available to make your dream garden a reality. But for beginners, gardening isn’t the easiest thing to do as many plants are very delicate and require hours of work in order to bring them to maturity. But thanks to the Gardening Toolkit app, this process is made a lot easier. This app takes your geographical location and climate into account and gives you a selection of plants that would grow best in your area. Once you select the plant you want, the Gardening Toolkit gives you much needed advice on the best ways to care for your new garden.

2. Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap

Another great app that should be in every homeowner’s arsenal is the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap, which is easily one of the best color related application available for the iPhone. The apps allows you to take a picture of any color or shade you see, and upload it to the app which will help you match it to the nearest paint color Sherwin-Williams offers. You can also take that color and make your own custom palette based on your choices, or allow theapp to make a few suggestions for you. If you’re unsure about the color, Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap gives you the option to share your selection via email or Facebook so you can get a second, third, fourth, etc., opinion  Once you narrow it down to the perfect color and made your final choice, the app will provide you with store locations and directions to the nearest store that carries your color.

3. Task This

One of the hardest things about a DIY project is keeping track of what you’ve done, and what you need to do. Lucky for you, there’s an app for that. Task This is a project management application that sends you update on the things you need to do to complete your home improvement. The app comes with some great features inside it, such as calendar, overdue, projects, events, categories, shopping, and more. The shopping feature is especially cool because it allows you to create a list of items needed to complete your home improvement. With the projects feature you can create custom parameters that will help you stay on task to finish any DIY task you might have in the house.

Jason Willis is a professional blogger that enjoys discussing the latest trends in electronics. He writes for Phoenix, a home theater design company in Memphis TN.


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