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Top 4 Energy Efficiency Apps For Android Users


The rise of technology and smartphones has made life easier for a lot of people, allowing them to have the world in their hands. Today’s smartphones are able to do some really cool things such as start your car or turn on all the lights in your home before you even get there. With the rising cost of energy some developers have designed apps that allow you to save money and use less resources, which will not only save you money but impact the planet less. The cost of energy is one of the biggest monthly expenses for american households today, costing the average family over $1600 dollars a year. In order to bring those sky high costs down you first have to determine how much energy your using, and that’s where these smartphone apps come in. These applications not only help you save energy without wasting a lot of your time, but also help you find more energy efficient products.

1. Light Bulb Finder

Light bulbs are one of the big uses of energy in today’s household, we literally use them all the time. And during the holiday season we decorate our houses and trees with these bright lights that do nothing but use energy, which costs you money. This great app called the Light Bulb Finder helps you find more energy efficient bulbs that will help you lower the amount of money you spend every month. This app will also help you calculate how long you’ll have to use the new energy efficient bulb you found before you’ve saved enough electricity to offset the cost of the bulb. If the perfect light bulb isn’t available in your area, no worries, this app will allow you to order it online.

2.  iGo Vampire Calculator

“Vampire energy,” the energy used by household appliances when they’re turned off, is a sneaky culprit that accounts for 10% of home energy use. The iGo Vampire Calculator is a handy little application that will calculate how much energy is being used by these appliances so you can see for yourself how much money is being wasted just by leaving these products plugged in. The iGo Vampire Calculator doesn’t account for different models or how old the actual appliance is, so it shouldn’t be taken as gospel.

3. greenMeter

The greenMeter app is another great app for your android device that’s designed to save you gas and money by helping you change your wasteful driving habits. Doing things such as constantly slamming on your brakes, speeding all the time, and speeding off at an intersection like your in a race will use more gas which will in turn have you spending more time,and money, at the gas pump. The greenMeter gives you some tips on how to do drive to get the most out of your gas tank, such as coasting to a light and actually doing the speed limit.

4. Energy-Efficient Facebook Profile

Facebook is the largest social media to ever exist to date, so why not use it to help save Energy. This app was designed by OPower and the Natural Resources Defense Council and allows you to compete with your friends to use the least energy. Now saving energy, which in turn saves you money, is as fun as updating your profile and posting a new picture.

Neil Dunsmore is a consumer energy expert, helping ordinary Americans secure extraordinary deals on their energy bills. Visit for more information.


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