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Top 5 Apps For the Disabled

242676084_a4a08e1699Health and wellness apps are becoming increasingly popular these days, and will most likely continue to be in demand in the New Year, as millions of people across the country make resolutions to get in shape or lose weight. Running apps, weight loss apps and heart rate monitoring apps will be downloaded in abundance. Other health and wellness apps that are gaining increasing recognition are apps for the disabled. 
As it states on, disability can change your life financially as well as emotionally. There are ways to make it easier. Here are just some of the apps available for disabled users.

1. iComm for iPhone
People who have difficulty speaking or communicating, including young children, will love this app. Communicate more easily with iComm by using pictures to convey your needs to others. You can choose from food images and other content that makes daily communication easier for those with speech impairment. You can even add your own images and edit categories.

2. Sign Smith ASL Essential for iPhone
Another popular communication app is one that assists the hearing impaired. Sign Smith includes over 100 signs communicating in American Sign Language (ASL). Each word shows an animation of an avatar of sorts signing the word so the user can learn visually. An ultimate version of this app includes 1200 ASL words.

3. Voice Phone for iPhone
Voice Phone is an app that makes it easier for people with physical disabilities to communicate with others. People who are not able to easily touch the buttons on a smartphone screen can dial a number with just a voice command. This app is great for people with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome as well. You can even use this to dial your phone while driving, to keep your eyes on the road for safety.

4. iPills for iPad
A great app for the memory impaired, iPills can keep track of medications. This app allows you to set reminders for medications so you can see exactly which pill to take at which time of day. Helpful on-screen graphics show which pills are in the “taken” category and which ones are in “not taken” each day.

5. Parking Mobility for iPhone
Finding the disabled parking spaces at a large shopping mall, airport terminal, or sporting arena can be a challenged. The Parking Mobility app can help you locate these spaces quickly and easily. It works with the GPS system on your iPhone and allows you to share information with others.

These are just a few of the many apps for the disabled that function to make your life easier. Living with a disability may be an added challenge in your life or the life of a loved one, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use your smartphone to communicate as an able-bodied person does.   

Writer Melanie Fleury often cares for her disabled father but is grateful for technological advances that help him to help himself. She learned more about the resources available at Having a disability does not mean that you shouldn’t enjoy your life to the fullest.
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