alt@cities | home page props | 3feb11David Fleming is a Toronto-based realtor who has been writing a successful blog about local real estate since 2007. Earlier this year, Fleming decided to take this concept a step further by launching a website that is dedicated to reviewing properties┬áthat are currently available. Fleming’s approach stays clear of being derogatory, but he does provide reviews that point out the pros and cons and sometimes humor of each property.

Although this approach is likely to catch the attention of potential home buyers, it could also get Fleming in trouble due to some rules that are enforced by the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). Basically, no one is allowed to advertise homes from this market that they are not actually selling, and Fleming’s website can be interpreted in this way. However, the realtor believes that making people obtain a password to access the site will protect him from this issue. Whether the people behind RECO agree or not, this approach is certain to capture the attention of sellers and buyers.