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The Ultimate Living Room Home Entertainment Device – Logitech Wireless Keyboard With Mouse


What’s Sleek, Practical, And The Ultimate Luxury?

The Logitech K400 wireless keyboard with built in mouse of course! This beautiful device allows you to wirelessly control your laptop, which is way smarter than any smart tv, all from the comfort of your couch without moving.

Whether you are trying to cuddle with your romantic special interest and don’t want to get up or have a broken leg, you don’t have to move an inch. Even better is that it has a mousepad built right in so that you do not need to go scrambling around for your mouse! In our opinion, having to use a keyboard and a mouse on your lap kills the whole experience and makes it become a chore having to control the laptop and makes you want to just go up to the laptop. It is so much easier having it built right in! Usually with a mouse you have to find some sort of surface to roll it on and then it become so annoying let alone keeping up with the battery for two devices. By merging the two into an ultra smart one piece keyboard and mouse you can do it all very easily.

Most people don’t realize how critical it is to also have the left click and right click feature built in as well, with this the mouse would be unusable. Logitech has been crafty and included a left click and right click button right underneath the mouse pad to give you full control over whatever you are trying to do!

Secret Nerd Tip #1 For This Keyboard / Mouse Pair

Ever needed to reboot your computer into a restoration mode or wanted to play with a linux desktop? Skip the boring task of installing drivers for two devices and just plug in this plug-and-play usb device and you can control everything you need to with one device… soooo easy! In fact it is a tiny little USB received that you can insert in almost any slot and just leave it there without having to take it out because it doesn’t stick out. It is so clean you can leave it in your laptop or desktop and will probably forget it’s there, which is good so that you don’t lose it.

We love this keyboard and mouse pairing into one device and use it ourselves every day.

Check it out for yourself and don’t forget to watch the video below to see it in action! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below along with how you intend to use the device for your perfect and ultimate home entertainment area!

Signed, Josh Bois Co-Founder Global Good Networks

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