Understanding the Pros and Cons of Dedicated Web Server Hosting vs. a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

When deciding on the type of hosting service that will work for you or your company, it can be hard to know the differences between dedicated web server hosting and using a virtual private server. Each type of server is tailored to meet the needs of a different client. Here is a quick guide to choosing the best server to meet your purposes.

What is Dedicated Web Server Hosting?

In a dedicated web server hosting scenario, a customer rents or borrows a physical server from a host that provides servers. The customer has the capability, dependent upon what is involved in their chosen hosting plan, to customize the associated server hardware so that it fits with their individual needs. During the course of the agreement, the customer has exclusive possession of the machine and may alter and customize it in whatever way suits their own needs.

What is Virtual Private Server Hosting?

Also known as a virtual server or VPS, virtual private server hosting makes use of an operating system that utilizes the same physical hardware as many other operating systems. The word virtual comes from the fact that these types of hosting servers, where a physical server is shared among several accounts, offer a variety of different customization options that are compatible with the physical hardware. As VPS is a more flexible and user-friendly option, VPS goes a step above shared hosting as the kind of server that can adapt very well to its individual purpose while maintaining its connection to a larger server.

The Differences in Cost

As a hosting option that is less expensive than dedicated web server hosting, VPS hosting can be a good solution for those who want something a little bit more efficient than shared hosting but are looking for an option that is more economical than dedicated hosting. As using VPS hosting means that you do not need to purchase a physical server or worry about all of the maintenance that goes into it, it is more cost effective for those who are looking for an alternative to shared hosting. In the event that you are looking for something that has greater functionality than VPS, dedicated web server hosting is probably what you’re looking for. While you will have to incur the higher cost of taking care of a server that belongs solely to you and there is a significant cost associated with building and maintaining this type of server, it can also be the best option for a company that is in the market for a more consistent and reliable host. Whether you are looking to move up from shared hosting or VPS hosting is no longer serving your needs, both dedicated and VPS hosting can be a more viable economic option dependent upon your needs.

What Works Best for the Business?

As an option that is significantly better than using a shared server, a virtual private server can suit a small and growing business that wants to economize but also wants to utilize a system that can develop along with the business. As the user has the option of running many types of software and applications of their choice on this type of system, the user has a multitude of choice without the cost associated with a dedicated server. Generally ideal for businesses that are large to begin with or are experiencing rapid growth, a dedicated server is the type of host that will work best for those who have outgrown the usefulness of a VPS server. With a dedicated server, the user has full control of how they utilize their server, including being able to use whatever type of operating system works best for their needs. As an option that is used solely by your business, this type of host is beneficial for a company that requires a higher degree of consistency and reliability from their host.

Hard Drive Space & Speed

Virtual Private Servers have access to hard drive space that is allocated to them, but it’s generally specified as part of a contract and is decided upon ahead of time. If you opt for a VPS host, you may find that you won’t be able to access as much space as if you were to have a dedicated web server. For those who require a significant amount of hard drive space and the flexibility to go above and beyond the parameters of a contract, a dedicated web server is the best option. While VPS systems have differing functionality, they are connected to a shared system which means there is more than one system trying to access drives at the same time. As this slows down access, a dedicated server can work more efficiently for a business that requires more hard drive space and speed. Since a dedicated host exists on its own server, it will not experience the problems with speed or space that may occur on a VPS server.

If shared hosting is no longer serving your hosting needs, you may be exploring what VPS or dedicated web server hosting can do for you. While VPS is a great stepping-stone from a shared provider that can give greater functionality and more flexible use, dedicated web servers can provide even more functionality and greater speed for a larger business. Whatever you’re thinking of, taking the time to understand what your server needs are can help you make the most effective and economical decision.

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