Underwater Yacht Lighting and The Beautiful Marine Color Effects Offered

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When thinking about yachts and how to customize an ideal Yacht I decided to do some research. I was soon able to find a great company called OceanLED. It was likely one of the first results because I am sure that they are the company to deal with for your Yacht lighting need.

This lighting company, OceanLED, offers these amazing light experiences for yachts that are looking to really stand out. Whether you want a large light trail the size of a pool or several more focused beams you can see your lighting dreams come true with these.

Right around 2:46 into the video you can see what the lights may actually look like in the water.

By the way if you would us to cover your OceanLED example just reach out to us!

I turned on the video presentation they have which is 6 minutes and 15 seconds long and loved it. They really know their stuff and have made a very high quality product. While I haven’t reviewed it from in-person experience yet, what they are able to show in their video looks like it is as high-end as it gets.

On the back of your boat anywhere from 2-6 lights will help make light beam from the back of your yacht. Four hybrid lights with flood lights help to really make a trance like effect in the back of the water.

Let us know your thoughts on these sweet yachting lights in the comments below.

Check It Out Below or Directly On Youtube:


Signed Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks

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