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Verizon iPhone 5 Comes Unlocked

When most people go phone shopping they do so carefully because they are often stuck with whichever carrier they pick for almost two years. Most phones that are sold through the three major carriers come locked to that respective network and it’s often an expensive task to get the phone unlocked and able to be used on more than one network. But that’s not the case with the Verizon wireless iPhone 5.

It has been dicovered that the iPhone 5 on Verizon’s network is also able to be used on AT&T’s network as well, meaning this phone is unlocked out of the box. The Verizon iPhone 5 accepts AT&T sim card, which is chip that identifies a phone to a wireless network. The phone can then be active on AT&T’s network. Don’t get two excitied though becuase you can only be on one carrier at a time, so even though it may work with AT&T, you can’t use the AT&T while in a contract with Verizon.

No word on how long these iPhone 5’s will be unlocked. Last year, the first shipments of the Sprint iPhone 4S were unlocked and worked on AT&T, but Sprint later issued software updates that turned off that capability.

Signed, Isidori Mtabo


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