If you have a desktop, laptop, iPhone or Android device then congratulations you are able to download and use Viber. You can make free international calls and text messages to other people around the world that are also using this platform whether you are on Wifi or on the 3G network. Personally I am not quite sure on how this is that much different than Skype which allows you to almost essentially do the same thing through their software.

Today the point I would like to touch on it is that platforms are springing up over night and rounding up millions of users. This is inspiring to entrepreneurs trying to build something for millions of people to enjoy and find value from. With Global Good Networks our goal is to help millions of people around the world through our platform. Although we do not have 200 million users yet and we are not necessarily a mass-use technology platform seeing as we write the news but we do run many firms such as where we are helping philanthropic firms with tens of millions of customers help the world, so we are working on it.

Let us know your thoughts on this software if you are a common user or if you have some sort of come back on why you think Skype is better. Should we try it out? Let us know your Viber contact and perhaps we can chat about some Global Good!