Hubert Nguyen video editing toolsSmart phones are more than just telephones these days. Whether you’re capturing your baby’s first steps, recording a full length feature film, or creating a marketing video, these fantastic devices allow us to produce and share your vision with one click of a button. With social media sites being geared towards “The Mobile Generation,” you can reach a large audience right from the palm of your hand. In this article we will discuss some of the media sites and the devices that are best suited for their use.


This video-sharing website is the most popular of it’s kind. The majority of its content is user-generated, so you’ll find a wide range of choices on this this website. Whether you’re looking for a how-to video on how to change the battery in your cellphone, or how to change the water pump in your car, YouTube has it all. Registered users can upload an unlimited amount of videos, and can even create a channel for their viewers to follow.

It has become a powerful tool in marketing as well. Users are known to share clips from their favorite commercials, movies, and television shows with their friends, family, and the general public. With over 800 million users on this site, your video could go “viral” and become the next Internet sensation! YouTube created a mobile application that gives you the ability to upload a video straight from your smartphone to their website with little or no effort, and the best part of it all is that it’s all free. Other than the cost of your cellphone service and the time you spend filming, you won’t have to spend another dime to send your video over the Internet.

YouTube is owned by Google, so that is a definite plus when it comes to your videos showing up in their search engines. While you can take advantage of not having to pay to use this service, they offer a premium membership that will assure that you will reach more viewers.


Vimeo is much the same as YouTube, just on a smaller scale. It offers some of the same advantages with ease of use and accessibility, but not as large of a viewing audience. On this site, you might find users who are looking to carve out more of a niche than the average YouTube user. This is where you might find amateur filmmakers or people looking to share more specialized productions. Still, Vimeo can be used from a mobile application that allows you to send your video to their 60 million monthly viewers in an instant.

When you further explore this website, you will also find their Video School, that will give you guidance on how to create and produce your own visual masterpieces. Of course if the job is too big or you need a professional video, you can always consult experts such as Washington, DC based 522 Productions.

The Right Phone for the Job

As promised, here are a couple of Internet-enabled phones that are well-equipped for handling whatever filming job you have in mind:

1. Samsung Galaxy S3

If you are looking for a camera phone that will capture high resolution photos as well as record video in 1080p HD, the Samsung Galaxy S3 may be the phone you have been searching for. With its 8 MP autofocus camera, the Samsung Galaxy S3 captures some of the best looking photos of all the camera phones on the market today. The LED flash and unique features such as geo-tagging, anti-shake and burst shot make the Samsung Galaxy S3 one of the best camera phones on the market today. You can use this device for any filming job from school projects to marketing campaigns.

Apple iPhone 5 mock-up2. Apple iPhone 5

The improvement from earlier Apple iPhone cameras to the one included with the iPhone 5 is very noticeable. The addition of a fifth lens and an 8 MP camera make the iPhone 5 one of the better camera phones on the market. Old versions of the iPhone were unable to produce high quality images when using the camera application. However, Apple took several big strides in improving this feature when they manufactured the iPhone 5. The iPhone was actually used to record a full length feature film that hit the big screens!

As smart phones start to become more technologically advanced, consumers are starting to look for phones that offer high quality cameras as well as traditional smart phone capabilities. Whether you’re capturing life’s unexpected moments, creating a marketing video, or filming a feature film, it’s now easier than ever to bring it to life with the use of these incredible devices.

Chris Robinson is a writer and entrepreneur who has used these sites and similar devices in his own business ventures. If you are not so inclined to take on the world of professional videos, 522 Productions will assist you in every aspect of the process. Their dedicated and creative team will help you scout out great locations, find the right talent, and even create a budget to fit your needs.