Google ChromeThe future of technology is here, and it is confusing people everywhere. Google Glass is a wearable (and odd-looking) piece of technology that can record and share experiences in real time. While wearing this glasses-like apparatus on your head, you can take photos or video that you can easily share with friends – as in creating a Google Hangout to show people exactly what you are looking at in real time. It can also offer directions to the wearer about the surrounding environment, such as restaurants, events and other relevant information.

As one tester of Google Glass noted, it inspired random conversations by people wondering what he was wearing on his head and why. It also gave him directions when he was lost, allowed him to record a softball game and acted like his personal fitness coach. And, although he was able to see the potential in this technology to provide an even more interactive experience for users at live sporting events or concerts, he doesn’t see it replacing our smartphones any time soon.