Google+Driving home from a friend’s house, Ceclia Abadie, a software developer, was issued a ticket usually reserved for drivers who are distracted by video screens. However, she was not looking at a video screen, but was wearing the latest technology, Google Glass. Abadie claims she was not actively using the technology when she was pulled over, but plans to fight the citation.

Google Glass includes a GPS feature with Internet connectivity that operates through eyeglasses that the user wears. This may be a first-time citation of this kind, and may cause law enforcement to examine and consider how to regulate this type of technology while driving – just as cell phone use and texting have been determined as distracting to drivers.

As technology evolves, the laws need to change for the benefit and safety of everyone. Currently, if there are no laws that specifically address wearing Google Glass while driving, Abadie potentially has a case for getting her ticket thrown out.