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What Does Your Technological Future Hold?

Would you like to have a crystal ball where you could see into the future and discover what technological wonders may await you? IBM has released their predictions about what developments the next five years may hold, and some of the projected innovations truly sound amazing.

The areas where the corporation expects technology to make leaps and bounds include energy, security and spam, as well as mobile devices and, most remarkable of all, mind reading. Stay tuned.

Renewable Energy

The global community is in need of acquiring resources for energy that do not come from fuels that the world can eventually deplete. Anything that moves contains the capacity to generate energy that could perhaps be harnessed to provide power. One such option involves human movements like bicycling and walking, which you could use to recharge a battery or even supply power for a home appliance.

Another source of renewable energy is the ocean, which is a tremendous entity capable of providing power on a massive scale. Before this becomes a reality, scientists will need to conduct more research to assess the technology’s impact on marine life and develop ways of using the power safely.

Biological Security

Have you ever become frustrated trying to keep track of multiple passwords and user IDs on the computer? Well, help is on the way. The IBM forecast involves passwords and user IDs becoming obsolete in favor of individual biological characteristics, such as iris scans or voice files.

Smaller communication devices like smartphones and tablets have gained popularity, but since they can easily become lost or stolen, they involve a greater security risk than desktop computers. The new biological technology will address this weakness.

Mind-Reading Technology

Scientists are in the process of studying the electrical activity of the brain to learn how a computer could interpret it to perform tasks like making phone calls or turning on lights. The technology would involve wearing some type of head device connected to a mobile phone, resulting in being able to interact with the environment through mere thoughts rather than actions. Although this sounds unbelievable, rudimentary forms of the technology are already in existence.


Unsolicited ads are a nuisance for most people. For example, an owner of an alcohol treatment facility may be deluged with irrelevant and unwanted emails ranging from pizza coupons to vacation packages. Researchers are working on methods of data analysis that would prevent unwanted ads from reaching you. Aside from merely removing a nuisance from your life, this technology has far-reaching implications, such as being able to warn you of an accident on the route you take to work in the morning.

Mobile Phones

You currently use you your smartphone to perform different activities, such as checking your bank account or placing an order with a business. While you need to initiate these actions now, in the future your phone may be able to initiate such communications and tasks. The future could involve such advanced communication systems that could even alert you that your blood pressure is high and call your doctor.

The past decades have ushered in amazing technological changes, but developments that are even more extraordinary lie in the future. Emerging innovations may profoundly alter the way you work and live.


Michelle, a guest blogger, regularly writes about health, from how technology will change the way we live to how to choose the right alcohol treatment facility for you.

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