I was a bit slow to catch on to the whole smart phone trend. I just didn’t see how or why I needed my phone to do anything other than what it was already doing for me: making phone calls. However (and this is a major admission for a know-it-all like myself), now that I have a smart phone I can’t imagine going back. I truly understand what puts the “smart” in the term “smart phone,” and I find it hard to believe I went so long without. That’s the real deal. So, why are smart phones considered “smart?” Here is my take on the whole smart phone phenomenon:

Personal assisting. I really need a personal assistant; I say it all the time. Having someone to keep track of my appointments and meetings, and to make sure I stay on track with my schedule, would be a really smart addition to my day. Well, my smart phone does all that, from waking me up in the morning to recording my conversations. (Disclaimer: your smart phone is only as smart as you are. Learn to use it to its full advantage and you will truly feel smart.)

Resourcefulness. If I need anything – from a recipe to a playlist – that data is right there at my fingertips. When I’m running late and don’t have time to search a map and write street names, all I have to do is plug in my destination address and my handy GPS app will guide me all the way. If the name of my favorite-ever jazz song is escaping me, I can research it with just a few keystrokes. I can’t imagine a greater resource than a smart phone when on the go . . . other than a laptop, which brings us to the next point.

Portability. One very smart thing about my smart phone is that I can take it anywhere with me. As I mentioned before, nothing is handier than my smart phone other than my laptop. The difference is, I can’t tuck my laptop into my purse (or back pocket) when need be. Enough said.

I believe I alluded before to the fact that your smart phone is only as smart as you are willing to be. Therefore, you should study up, and learn all about what a smart phone can do for you. It is truly a tool. Use it as if it is a tool, and you can make your life better. That’s about as smart as you can get.

About the Author: Ada Maps is a health writer who uses her smartphone to keep her blogging and writing topics in line. She enjoys reading both major and private healthcare blogs, including the fabulous Yeastinfection.org by Eric Bakker. Check it out!