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Why Digital Hoarding is Challenging Our Data Centers

3595638862_8472282350Because there are so many data storage centers operating around the country, most people probably assume that they will always be able to store unlimited amounts of data. However, today’s data centers are already stretched to the breaking point, and this has caused most major tech companies and cloud service providers to open additional facilities. Unfortunately, there is no end in sight to the practice of digital hoarding, and this could eventually make it necessary for companies to impose strict limits on the amount of data that each user can store.

How Can I Reduce Digital Hoarding?

Every person who uses anything that is stored outside of their own hard drive, including a web-based email account, is utilizing data center services. For example, if you have a Yahoo email account that has thousands of emails, you are taking up more storage room that the company originally anticipated. By clearing out the emails that you no longer need, you can make more space available for other users. This purging process can also help Yahoo avoid building another data center in order to keep up with the demand.

Should My Company be Concerned About Digital Hoarding?

Even though the construction of new data centers provides a lot of temporary jobs, it can still place a strain on each company’s functionality. After all, if your business is storing so much data that your current storage facility is almost full, you will most likely experience lag time during essential daily functions. To avoid this issue, you will need to either increase the amount of digital storage or delete unnecessary data.

The Cost of Digital Hoarding

Even though most tech companies are cutting expenses by building new data storage centers in less expensive areas, they still have to

recoup their expenses. In other words, the growing issue of digital hoarding will eventually impact the price point of several services. For example, cloud storage companies will probably find it necessary to raise their prices soon in order to keep up. Additionally, free services such as email will need to choose between imposing data limits, increasing the total number of ads that each user sees, or implementing a fee structure.

In order to keep the cost of storing data from spiking, you should take steps to delete any unnecessary data. As an added bonus, you will also experience faster connections and better reliability. Therefore, it is truly in everyone’s best interests for individuals and companies to stop hoarding data that they are never going to use again. 

As a tech writer, author Georgina Clatworthy has covered many of the challenges faced by both business and personal consumers in this, the information age.  Digital hoarding is fast becoming a recognized problem in the tech world and many companies who provide data storage are responding. Quality Tech Services is a data center services provider whose design philosophy is built into their products to minimize service disruption. They work hard to ensure the highest level of customer service as well as provide a high level of experience and a proven track record that sets them apart from the rest of the industry.

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