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Windows Phone Looking to Partner with Android

HTC Windows 8X Cell phone smart phoneMicrosoft Windows Phone is looking to make a comeback and it is hoping HTC, the makers of Android smartphones, will help them out. Terry Myerson, the head of Microsoft’s operating systems unit, will meet with HTC executives in Taiwan later in October. Since Android is currently the dominant operating system in the land of smartphones, a partnership could be very beneficial to Microsoft in getting their new version of the Windows Phone off the ground.

One thing both companies will need to consider is whether or not there is a market for a Windows Phone. Do consumers need yet another OS platform to choose from? According to one research manager, having an Android/Windows phone that has side-by-side operating systems will cost more money, require more memory and may not be a very practical investment.

In the world of smartphones, Android and iPhone already have the market saturated. Does the world really need yet another phone with another operating system, or are people happy with the existing choices?

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