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Winklevoss Twins Opening Up Bitcoin To Investors



Bitcoin Coming To The Masses, Of Investors

The Winklevoss twins are famous and not always for the right reasons. Mainly for suing the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg claiming it was their idea initially. Since then they have made a lot of strategic investments such as buying out Myspace and apparently Bitcoin as well. They are working to take it to the next level with major financial backing IE taking it public. Interestingly enough they have had to list some pretty weird types of risks in their proposal to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Seeing as bitcoin involves a mix of real and virtual currency in a very complicated manner it was important for them to list that a “malicious actor or botnet” could potentially find back doors or hack their way into owning 50% or more of the processing power of the network. In the real world you would almost never see something like this happen to a major corporate player like Visa or Mastercard.

Let us know your thoughts about Bitcoin in general and about them opening it up to investors. While it does seem like a good place for investment it does have great potential to go either way. As the world warms up to virtual currency and continues to use their mobile phones it may be easier to integrate into main stream society but even tech lovers such as myself still haven’t embraced it. Many major technology entrepreneurs I know have mentioned bitcoin and used it quite a bit but I still don’t fully see the value just yet.

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