Paying for your grande mocha latte is about to get even easier, mega coffee sellers Starbucks has announced that come November customers will be able to use the Square payment app to pay for their coffee orders. Square is easy to use, customers just download the app and enter their credit card information, once an order is rung up customers can just wave their mobile device in front of a scanner to complete payment. Square is already popular with individuals and small businesses but Starbucks will be the first large chain store to use the program since its creation back in 2009 by Jack Dorsey, who also created Twitter. Starbucks already has their own mobile payment app in place which they debuted back in 2011 and according to reps for the company some 70 million mobile transactions have already been made. Starting next summer customers who use the Starbucks or Square app will also be able to tip their baristas when cashing out.